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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ty's voice made her wince. A reaction as harsh as that one was well-deserved, Coleen supposed; it was a stupid question when she asked it to Lizzie, and it was a stupid question now. All the same, she couldn't think of anything else to say and now... maybe it was just Ty's display of his mood, but there was no helping being the least bit intimidated. His appearance looked less 'alternate' and now struck her as somewhat more thuggish.

Her tongue pushed against the more pliable of her cheeks while she thought of something to say. The unyielding chassis of the gun was her only comfort, abrasive as it may have been as she clutched the angular assembly of parts against her chest lest the ocean breeze miraculously yank it from her. Ty seemed to be in a... delicate position, to put it lightly, and so Coleen wanted to step gingerly around him. Most importantly, she wanted to stay beyond a couple paces of his reach in case he suddenly didn't like something she said.

That was almost a certainty at this point.

Both eyes caught the unfocused blur of somebody in the distance. Coleen pushed her gaze past Tyler to see Keith Bauer, a name with the face that she had neither heard from nor seen all through these past few days... and truly, any new person she saw was just another line in the tragedy. Nobody new should have been on this island, nobody else should have had to be there to add to the pool of the suffering, but here she was on the very same beach where she watched Lizzie pass on, now alone with Ty and Keith. Ty and Keith. In that moment, part of the disjointed speech that heralded Lizzie's final moments rang back through Coleen's ears, addressing both Ty and Keith by name. To whatever extent the three of them hung out together, it seemed that they were companions recently at the very least.

The very thought of having to complete the task assigned to her by a dead girl made it feel like salt water was forcing itself into Coleen's throat, scratching it up and drying it out. Having always treasured her voice and with no better thought to kill the few seconds it would take for Keith to get closer, Coleen timidly fumbled behind her hip for the opening to the day pack that would allow her access to a bottle of water.

"Um..." Coleen murmured, testing her throat. Sounded, and felt, pretty gravelly... nothing a guarded sip of water wouldn't fix. Or, just to be safe, two. "That's Keith over there. I take it he's with you, so he's not going to be... you know, a danger?"
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