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He got another smile back. That was a bit of a conundrum for him. He knew that it was a smile from Serena directed directly at him and that it'd be extremely rude of him for him to not smile back. A smile was a nice thing, and he didn't tend get a lot of those in his life. Sometimes from Emma, and sometimes from Irene, but really those two and Serena were the only ones to give them to him. Well, that he noticed. Maybe there was a girl out there who really liked him or something and gave smiles whenever she saw him except he somehow didn't notice them at all but really, what were the chances of that happening? Point was, smiles were important, but if he gave one back would that cause an endless loop of smiles? He smiled so she smiled back so he smiled back at her and then she would have to smile back and it would be an endless feedback that neither of the two could stop.

There was only one solution to this.

He had to make her pout at him.

"Yeah. Poor Malcolm. He got taken out right before the end and now he has to deal with thousands of heartbroken teenage girls crying about how he got robbed."

He gave her a quick grin. Toothy. Not one he normally gave but one that just sorta came out. He imagined he got her.

"But yeah. He might come back. Really up to the producers to question whether he'd be entertaining enough but hopefully he will."

He leaned back on the couch.



She was still standing.

Maybe he'd do something about that?

"By the way, you can sit down if you like," he said, scooching himself over to the closest edge. "It's not really reserved for anybody."
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