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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia glanced downward as Min-jae began to speak. He really did have it much worse than she did. He had run into more dangerous people, and he had seen more people die. She had almost forgotten about Asha and Henry. They were acquaintances, but they were definitely people Jae would have regarded more than others here.

"Well, that does sound as bad as I imagined," she said, rubbing her neck with her free hand.

She looked back up at Jae. He still didn't explain Samuel, and with people like Isabel, Alessio, Caedyn, and Brendan included on his list, it sounded like he had some enemies.

"Jae...what's next?" she asked. "I'm probably going to keep doing what I was doing, but what about you? That sounds like a lot of bad people who have crossed your path. Are you going after them?"

Nadia gestured towards the crossbow.

"Are you going to end them?"
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