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They may not have obliterated the can, but it was a peaceful day regardless. Each of them got a chance to use the gun, although they had to stop to conserve ammo. Either way, Alba was feeling better about the gun. She'd probably have better luck with it if the situation called for it. Granted, she didn't want a situation to call for it, but even she was aware things were different now. Brendan almost died today, and it could have been either of them dead by Jae's hand.

After some chatting and snacking, Alba and the team had managed to get a good night's sleep after taking some shifts watching. It wasn't until Brendan jostled her and Fiyori up to hear the announcement that the peace was broken. Alba listened carefully. Some people had managed to kill again, while some of the dangerous people had died. Alba was upset to hear that Arthur had died, at the hands of some girl named Coleen. She didn't have much time with him, but he was a decent person from what she saw.

It was one name that seemed to really affect Brendan. Alba didn't know Michael Crowe, but he must have been a close friend of Brendan's if Brendan had such a strong reaction to his passing. Alba held back as Brendan hit the table repeatedly. Alba watched her friend have his meltdown, a lump starting to form in her own throat.

"Brendan, I'm so sorry," she said.

Alba noticed the rifle nearby. She looked at it, at Brendan, and at Fiyori, before settling on Brendan.

"Are you going to be okay?" she asked. "We need to decide what we're doing today."
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