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Another day came. Another announcement came. Fiyori woke up with one eye and one ear first. Brendan had called the girls to awaken, but it was only so much that Fiyori was willing to offer to the metal sound echoing through the room.

The names this Danya commented without any respect - not unlike Bradley would have done - meant something for Fiyori. Some more, some less. She felt sadness for all of them. Even the day prior, when she heard of Darius' demise she thought to think well of him for a moment. They weren't besties, but they could stand each other at some times. Then there were people like Jeremy and Junko, and the former killing the latter. A wave-like headache assaulted Fiyori. She grunted in pain, but only briefly and Fiyori masked it quick enough.

Fiyori had a kitchen counter conversation with her dad about this once. Dad said people would get upset about their friend's death on day two, but get used to it as things went on. As it is with all tragedy that befell the world. Fiyori didn't notice that much. In fact, she could swear every announcement made her feel more.

Though what that 'more' was that she felt was still an enigma.

Fiyori closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Or at least she tried.

"...Brendan?" Fiyori rose to her feet, and carefully approached the boy pummeling the table in front of him. She had for a moment not understood the severity of his emotions, so all she could offer was a simple platitude. "I...I'm sorry."
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