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Before Brendan even got a chance to move anything to help Alba out, he was suddenly deafened by Fiyori firing the rifle and he cursed softly under his breath. This was really making him feel like he didn't want to be there anymore. But he had to deal with it. He had made his choice about continuing to carry on a long time ago. Using that weapon was really important. Important for their survival.

"That really is too loud.... We have to handle it somehow. Also we should only have a few more turns with the rifle. I think that we should make sure to save as much ammo as we can." Brendan said to them both as he approached Fiyori to take the rifle from her and he was uneasy to be holding in his his hands. "Just in case, we run into people that we might have to take down to defend ourselves.... Or if they give us no choice."

You did have a choice with Jerry and Bernadette, Brendan. You had the choice to walk away to let them live. But you didn't do that. You chose the other option....

Brendan shook his head and shoved his thoughts into the back of his mind. He had to move on. He couldn't let himself get distracted by the thought of them. He had to keep going forward.

He looked over at the the can and he took a few breathes. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. He then tried to positioned the rifle in his hands carefully. His shoulder was still hurting, the ringing in his ears was slowly fading away. He took aim at the can, squinting a little.

Then he fired.


Later on, Brendan was watching the two girls as they were sleeping. The three of them had taken a few more shots at the can but it hadn't been hit at all. But Brendan had been fine with that. They ate some food and talked for a while afterwards. Mostly about anything that came to their minds. It had felt nice and normal. It felt like a normal day at school. He wished he was there right now. Then they took turns to be on watch over each other as they slept. Fiyori was first, then Alba and then him. He was staring down at the table that was in front of him and he wondered if Jonathan and Candice were alright. He had to search for them soon.

Then he heard the speakers come to life. The announcement was starting again. This was something that he was always dreading to hear. He had to wake up the girls.

"Alba! Fiyori! Wake up! The announcement is starting!"

Brendan made sure to listen as carefully as he could to it. Alessio had killed some girl named Maria. He wondered if he would run into him at some point. There must be a chance for Brendan to talk some sense into Alessio. But maybe he wouldn't be able to. It could go both ways. Isabel had killed once more. That wasn't that surprising to Brendan that much. Jerry Fury again. He hoped he wouldn't see Jerry again. Oh. Coleen had killed Arthur. That one was a bit of a shock to him. Maybe it had been an accident? Jeremy had shot Junko. He wondered what Fiyori thought about that. She and Jeremy were friends, right? Alvaro and Nancy.... Two known killers were dead. And all he felt at first was relief and then he felt pity and a bit of guilt.

Then he heard a name that he never wanted to hear.


Michael Crowe.

Michael Crowe was dead. Really dead. At the hands of Alex Tarquin.


Brendan got up to his feet and he walked up to the table in front of him. He then struck the table with his fist. It made a loud noise and then he hit it again and again and again. Not caring that his knuckles were starting to bleed.

"Michael.... You idiot. You fucking idiot!"
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