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By that point, Lucilly had assumed a squatting position on the floor near by Dorothy. In fact, it had been the second instance of that position. The first time she did so, she also repacked her bag on her shoulders. However, something shifted in it, or maybe Lucilly was just too clumsy for that, but when she squatted with the bag on her shoulders she fell backwards.

So either way, she nodded. She had followed Dorothy's little roleplay and tried to put herself into Dorothy putting herself into Isabel's shadow. Why her shadow in particular escaped Lucilly, as many things did.

Was there a specific point to the shadow? All people really had one, didn't they? Some even had two, or four, or five and three quarter. Once in a documentary narrated by a Briton with a pleasing deep voice, Lucilly meant to hear that in the poorer corners of the Mississippi Delta, there were people who couldn't afford one shadow.

But she doubted her memory on that point.

Regardless, Lucilly tried to imitate Dorothy.

"Hm... uh... Oh! I get it, you mean someone else was Isabel's 'shadow'? So you mean someone else 'helped' Isabel in her tasks? Is that not then called a 'ghost'?"
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