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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Yeah like, what I mean is..." Jerry continued rummaging through the shelves. Fate happened to play a cruel joke on him in treating him to what seemed to be a box of something edible, maybe crackers or biscuits that miraculously lasted the several decades of nothingness, but it just turned out to be... more soap? Even more goddamn soap? Just where the hell were they, the soap aisle in the soap store on the soap... isle? He stopped himself kicking the bottom of the shelf in frustration, only because he got a vision of the whole shelf toppling over onto him and killing him.

Jerry could think of some shitty ways to go but if he was going to die from a shelf falling on him, then he'd just as soon wish Trav really had knocked his block off back at the beach. "What I mean is," he repeated after clicking his tongue. "Like, there's this weird disconnect when I'm trying to talk to people. So, uh, nobody can think like me, yeah? Therefore..."

Fuck, where was he going with this?

"Nobody can... think like me." Well, it sounded better in his head, but he supposed it helped to prove his point. "You know I'm not just a dumbass, right? I'm not dumb. I know I come off that way sometimes, but I can't be that dumb if I'm still alive while-" Jerry cut himself off in order to listen to the tail-end of something crashing into something else.

"... I'll just go assume and ahead you heard- ahead and assume you heard that, right?" Jerry babbled, reaching for the switchblade in his pocket. He cleared his throat and raised his voice.

"Alright, shitdick! Or shitpussy, I'unno! I'm Jerry motherfuckin' Fury, and this here's Matt Moradi, and-"

He paused. Think of a name.

"And Alessio Rigano! We're three of the baddest dudes on this island and you think you can attack us, we're gonna rip your throat out!"
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