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''I think we should start thinking like Iz!''

Dot tossed the naughty magazine aside and squeezed her face with her hands and started mumbling.

''I am Isabel. I am a psycho bitch. I killed a lot of people, and I won't stop until someone puts me down.''

She visualized her. In the dark hallway, crouching over Asha's body.

''My name is Iz and I have a shadow that was there when I killed Asha. I must know who it is because I didn't kill it when I escaped bloodied and hurt.''

No images came up, she searched further in her mind.

''I am a shadow, I am behind Iz, I can't live without her because when she dies I'll be defenseless.''

At least, that was what Dot thought. If someone hang around Iz, they better have a good reason. Maybe they were dating her, or they were protected by her. She explored her mind, searching for someone that met the criteria. She listed the option: possible a ballet friend, possibly a friend in her social circle or possibly someone found at random that she kept around like a pet.

Thinking about Iz's mentality, Dot settled that the last one was plausible but she saw no reasons why Iz wouldn't just kill them. Isabel had a running track of killing people she used to know so maybe the person she kept wasn't a threat, someone she could just dispose of when needed.

She continued

''I am Iz. I am Iz. I am...''

She opened her eyes.

''Ah! I don't know. Sorry, can't think of anything.''
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