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''Oh, wow.''

That was... something.

She didn't the human body could bend in that particular angle, especially with someone on top of it. The more she looked at it, the more she felt curious about it. There was nothing hot or sexy about the magazine itself but she has never seen anything closely remoted to sex. She saw love scene on television or in movies, or random genitals on her dash but she never really got interested in it.

If she had to resume in one word how she felt about the forbidden apple in front of her, she would just say intrigued.

As if she was inspecting evidence on a crime scene, she picked up the magazine, squeezing her thumbs and her index on one of the corner. She lifted it away from Lucilly's possession and decided to keep it.

''This is...''

She squinted, trying to keep a straight face while looking at Lucilly. She was about to start laughing.

''I'll keep it.''
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