"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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Did Lucilly understand?

No, without doubt she did not.

Did Lucilly like what Dorothy said nonetheless?

Yes, yes she did indeed. Lucilly had resolved to help, and Dorothy had decided to accept her help. It made her happy. To see Dorothy be filled with euphoria and great joy filled Lucilly with the same. A joy that without doubt could mask the soreness of her wrist.

Soon, Lucilly too was jumping and clapping.

"Now 👏 I 👏 know 👏 this 👏 seems 👏 weird 👏 but 👏 I 👏 have 👏 a 👏 ques- 👏 tion 👏

Do 👏 you 👏 like 👏 por- 👏 nos?"
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