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“Yeah you say that, but how long’s it going to last?”

He still couldn’t make eye contact with Enzo. He really did appreciate their efforts, honestly, but he just couldn’t care anymore. This was it. End of the line. No room for perking up, for getting a boost from your pal. Just a ticking clock.

“I’m going to die, and it’s probably going to happen soon. I know that sounds really messed up, but it’s going to happen, I know that. Only one person gets out of these things, right? That’s what I remember from the last ones, anyway.”

He’d never looked into SOTF, why would he? It was so far removed from his life, even if he was an American. It was horrible and tragic, but so were a lot of terrorist attacks and mass murders in his country. That didn’t mean they felt personal, not until now, so it was easy to keep your head in the sand as much as the media would allow. Maybe something to talk about in church or with your parents over dinner, but that was it. Maybe that meant he’d be fodder for conversation someday too.

“I don’t know what those people were like, but I know they weren’t like me. I mean, look at me.”

He finally did give Enzo a look back, cracking an actual smile. A heartbroken smile, but an accepting one.

“So, I’m not going to go home, and this is where I’m going to die.”
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