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Alice didn't necessarily agree with Sandra.

As much as she appreciated the other girl's company, her presence on this island full of threats, Alice was worried about the idea of arming themselves. It was all too easy, she feared, to make a situation worse by bringing weapons into the equation. She didn't want people to die, obviously.

She didn't necessarily disagree though, either.

She'd decided to do her best to take care of her companions, especially Bryony. It was nice to think she could protect her friend, but without some kind of deterrent, she couldn't help but doubt her ability to do so. So what could she do? How could she protect Bree without endangering other people?

It was a difficult puzzle. Alice wasn't sure how to decipher this whole thing. So she chose to simply smile at Bryony empathetically, and say, "We'll work it out."

As much to herself as to anyone else.
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