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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Shoulda jerked his head up to see who was talking. It could have been anybody, up to anything, and he was in the perfect position to get popped off. Honestly though, right at this moment he didn't care. Some part of him would have welcomed it. He was quiet for a moment or two in response, just staring at the sky. "Nah," he finally rasped out, "can't say I am."

Ty had always been protective. First it was a sort of selfish protection, always focused on making sure he didn't get hurt anymore, keeping everybody else away from him. Over time between Atsa and Mom and Bee, hell, even just friends like Asha and Harry, he'd managed to get his shit together. Last year or so of taking care of the family had put this crazy image in this head of himself as a provider. There was this whole life mapped out before him. He'd help Atsa find a job, maybe even get him off to school somewhere close were he could come for help any time things got overwhelming again. He'd watch over mom and the old man if they got any worse, like a good son was supposed to. He'd help Marcus get back on his feet and mend fences to start his life over. He'd ask Bee to marry him and be the happiest goddamn man alive when she said yes.

Gone. Every last scrap of it. If the last few days had made anything crystal clear, it was that Ty wasn't some hero, or protector, or provider. He was just as much of a fuck-up as ever, and damn near everyone that mattered to him here was dead because of it.
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