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Hannah sighed as she finished grabbing her things. The rest of the island was sure to be horrible, but so had been staying in that room for the past day. She picked up the backpack and put it over her shoulders. It was lighter than it had been. She was worn out enough that it didn't reassure her much, especially since it was mostly lighter from her eating her way through a large part of her food supply.

She moved her head to the left and felt the satisfying pop from her neck. She hadn't realized how stiff everything had gotten. Maybe it would have been worth it to have kept doing her exercises even in this situation. But she hadn't, and she didn't feel like telling Noah to wait up because she needed to stretch.

She walked into the hall and saw Noah clutching that...thing. He seemed to be focused on something.

"Noah, uh, what's up?"

It was casual, but still asked a question. Hopefully the answer was that nothing was going on and she was just imagining it.
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