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He'd gotten in a fight. That made sense. There were people killing out there. There were people dead right at the door, so he couldn't just pretend that it was a figment of his imagination. But even Jeremy should know that his story was adding more questions than answers, right?

Junko of all people. She may have been impulsive but, the way Jeremy put it was just dismissive.

And why did everyone he meet seem to go on a journey of violence after they'd met him. Tara, Jay, and now Jeremy. As if everyone he interacted with had to show just how messed up the island was. As if they had to prove to him that people could be messed up.

The point had been made days ago.

"Wait- Is she..." The question didn't need to end. Jeremy was looking away now and Jordan knew, he knew what the answer was.

"Oh my god." He didn't mean to say it out loud. But this was too much to completely internalise.

Alex was a self absorbed prick and Jay was a gothy jerk but Jeremy was Jeremy was Jeremy and he was trying and failing to sympathise with a murderer. And he hated the nagging self justification that it was okay that he was failing because he was moral and not a murderer but it was Jeremy who was the murderer. Ha, All his talk about Javert, and now he was like this. He was the absolute worst hypocrite he knew.

He wanted to pace, pacing always seemed to get his thoughts in order, but there didn't feel like there was enough room for that here.

Instead, he found himself leaning against the desk he had been standing near for support, his hands slamming on the table just a little too loud for comfort.
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