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Surprisingly, Isabel basically did shut up. She still talked, but she didn’t ramble. She just decided to go on ahead.

Lily stayed behind briefly. She was tempted just to walk in the other direction. But if she was going to do that, she’d missed her chance to do it with no blood on her hands. Now she had blood on her hands. Quite literally. Specks of Lizzie’s blood were dotting her hands and staining her dress, which had already been bloody since the first day. Since Mr. Graham, since Lily stupidly sliced her hand open… when had that been? It felt like an eternity ago. Lizzie’s blood was red against the older, browner stains.

Isabel was talking again, around the corner, and Lily almost snapped at her again to be quiet. Realising a split second before she did that Isabel wasn’t talking to her.

Oh god. Not again.

She could just walk. But that wasn’t really an option. Not now.

So Lily got to her feet and trudged along, following Isabel’s voice. Appearing behind Isabel and peering around her.

Lily didn’t know the other girl. That was the only good thing she could say about this.
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