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((Bart Cappotelli continued from Bart's Nightmare))

Sitting in the middle of a field in the dead of night turned out to not be the most comforting way to pass the time. With every passing minute, Bart felt more nervous about his surroundings. He was completely wide open, vulnerable to attack from any direction. He needed safety, but there was no guarantee that he would be able to find it. As a compromise, he set out in search of the next best thing: shelter.

He wandered around aimlessly, hoping to find someplace to hide out until morning, or at least until he could hear the next announcement. Not knowing what had happened to Kizi or Clarice was bothering him immensely. He was pretty sure that the library was gone, or at least ruined beyond repair. With no firefighters on the island, he didn't see how the blaze could have been tamed before it reached that point.

Poking around with his flashlight, he came across the warehouse that he and his group had tried to rest in a couple of days ago. Deciding that this was as good a place as any to stay for a few hours, he crept up to the door and slowly made his way inside. Everything looked pretty similar to the way it was the first time he showed up.

... Well, aside from the corpse. He didn't know if it had been there during his first trip, but this sure was his first time seeing it. He made a noise of squealing discomfort as he tried to slowly move away from the body. This unfortunately led to him backing into a shelf, sending a box of soap falling to the ground with a thud.

Bart froze in shock, flashlight still shining straight ahead. He sincerely hoped that no one had heard that little mishap.
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