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“No. Not really.”

The two had thrown questions at him. Quite a lot of them, in fact. They weren’t ones that he was hoping to have to answer the moment he walked in the room but honestly he didn’t know what he was expecting. ‘Hey, the dude who travelled with us finally came back, let’s give him cursory greetings and then resume what we were doing previously.’ ‘Hey, the dude who we haven’t seen in a day came back covered in bruises, let’s not question at all why he got those.’ ‘Hey Jeremy, you abandoned us. Fuck you, you fucking shitbird.’ He supposed something like that, if anything. Honestly he was just sorta surprised they were here. He sorta just abandoned them. The best case scenario that he imagined was that he’d come here, find the place empty, and just chill for the night.

But they were here. He supposed that was good.

Now he was going to have to figure out how to explain what happened to them, though.

He supposed he could lie. He might be able to tell a good one. He ran into Isabel or Nancy or anyone else who was a confirmed shitty person and they beat him up real good.

But he knew that it wouldn’t last long. The terrorists would eventually say it sooner or later. Talk all on about how he totally turned a gun on his friend. He sorta had to tell the truth. Give the better impression first.

Besides, they cared about him. They came here. They asked if he was okay first and foremost.

He could at least tell the truth. Give them a little bit of that courtesy back.

He sighed.

“Long story short is that I met Junko, we talked, and then she started beating me against the ground with her baseball bat.”

He lifted the gun out of his pocket. Held two fingers on the hold.

Looked away.

“There wasn’t a lot else I could have done.”
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