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Nate talked, and Enzo listened. He'd asked; that was the least that he could do.

He'd had a pretty shitty time of it. Maybe that was redundant. Everyone's time was shitty. Though, didn't mean that anyone else's shittiness didn't count or anything. Kind of like the whole 'starving kids in Africa' thing. Like, yeah that was certainly happening, and people were getting shot and killed in America or dying in wars and so on. Didn't mean it didn't fucking suck that they were probably all gonna die too.

Nate wrapped up. Enzo opined his views on the matter. "That's shitty. I'm sorry, man."

Enzo shook his head for a second. "And never apologise for talking, Crouchy. Never ever. I asked, you spoke, yeah?"

Vinny was kind of glad that Nate hadn't fired the same question back at him. He didn't know if he was up for talking about Cameron dying. Well, no, he knew that he wasn't.

"And as for what you're doing. Iunno. Staying alive is a good start."

More than a lot of people were doing. More than Cameron had done.
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