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i'm not upset
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Hazel tilted her head a fraction of an inch to her left and the corners of her eyes picked up slightly at the response. Jordan stuttered trying to find the appropriate words. A genuineness radiated from him and his answer that picked her up. Her smile spread and became sincere instead of a shoddy attempt to convince herself things were alright.

Her heart lifted along with her eyebrows as he finished. There was a friendly warmth in the room that reminded of her of the comfort she felt hanging out with her friends at home, totally at ease, making cracks about school. Hazel slowly closed her eyes, which stayed closed for two seconds before flying open at the sudden sound of the door and Jeremy.

Hazel whipped towards the door ready at first to have to defend herself from whoever had come, but her stance relaxed a bit when she saw who it was. Her hand flew up to her mouth, covering a half-gasp.

"What happened to you?" she said, stepping forward to try and see his injuries more clearly. "It looks like you got jumped."

He placed two objects on the table, keeping the bat for himself. Hazel briefly looked at them before rushing forward to try and look at the injuries on his face.

"Who did this? What happened?" she asked, prodding a bruise on his face with a feather-light touch. "Are you okay?"
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