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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Alvaro Vacanti. Alessio Rigano. Nancy Kyle. Isabel Ramirez. Kimiko Kao. Brandon Harte.

The mental image of her crossing out the rat's name with a sharpened pencil felt good.

It said 'thank you'. Something about that pissed her off real bad. Now, there were certain things Scout had trouble discerning, that required her to pause and think. What, exactly, was that filthy rat thankful for? Thankful that it's girlfriend was there? He was just trying to kill her, wasn't he? Didn't make sense. Whatever. It was dead. That's all that matters.

When Scout attacked Alvaro, threw him to the hard concrete in the asylum basement, she had no intention of killing him. Yet. What she wanted to do was send a message to Alvaro. Maybe, just maybe, if she pummeled the shit out of him, he would think twice about killing again. Obviously she thought too highly of the pathetic, spineless rat.

So he, it, did not deserve to be thankful for anything. It did not deserve to die peacefully,

The rat's girlfriend clearly thought otherwise.

Scout did not know the girl's name. She was better with faces than with names. It started with an 'A', but that was all she could come up with. Suffice it to say, Scout had a feeling they weren't going to become fast friends any time soon. Which was fine. Scout didn't want to be friends, and she sure as hell did not need her gratitude OR her mumbly 'thanks'. If that rodent's ladyfriend wanted to act like a pouty little shithead, then that was fine with Scout. She could act pissed and stomp her feet and throw shade all around the room if that's what she wanted, if it helped her sleep at night. Scout didn't give a fuck, it made no difference. Saving her was tangential; Scout would have exterminated the rat regardless.

The first rat of many.

Alessio Rigano. Nancy Kyle. Isabel Ramirez. Kimiko Kao. Brandon Harte.

Scout did not see Asuka arrive, but when she made it inside the room, she went straight over to the girl. She watched as Asuka patted the top of the girl's head. Scout was conflicted about this. Of course she understood why. The girl said Alvaro was a friend. That was all Scout needed to know. At the same time, however, Scout could not find it within herself to care. The girl was a terrible judge of character if she considered Alvaro Vacanti, a known killer, as a friend.

Then again, Scout wasn't what you would call a 'character judge' either. She expected Asuka to have a stronger stomach. In an alternative universe, the sight of Asuka slipping on a puddle of blood and falling on her ass might have been slightly funny. It could have dispelled the tension in the room. Instead it made Scout sick to her stomach, and that irritated her in a way she could not fathom.

"C'mon Takahara, pull yourself together."

Scout stomped over, waited for Asuka's dryheaving to pass.

How it has taken Asuka nearly a week for her to see a corpse and get sick is anyone's guess. Scout can't get too mad at her. She dryheaved a lil' when she saw her first corpse too. Five years ago. On the internet.

"Asuka. You need to get up."

Out of the corner of her eye, Scout could see the rat's girlfriend shooting a dirty look. Scout shrugged it off; she was a lost cause.
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