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That was a tricky question. If he would say that he wanted everything, Johnny wouldn't give him everything. He had to say something specific.

But it was a good sign that Johnny considered it. Alessio had the power. He had the control with this little gun. He had his reputation of being a killer, he had his gun. He had respect, in some way. It did not make Al feel happy. But it for sure made him feel safer.

Alessio's body shook. He had no idea what to reply.

The boy with the gun looked at the ground to think about how much water he needed. He needed more water. More food as well. A number.


He looked up again. What if Johnny just had two?

"If you have any. If you don't have water for youself left you can keep it."

He smiled kindly and gestured at Johnny that he can keep what he wants. But then he realised that being the nice guy was fucking dumb and slowly added some more words.

"B-but, food. If you have food, you can-should give it to me."

It was hard for him to talk like a selfish asshole who demands things. But that's who he is right now, isn't he?
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