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A bit premature there, Johnny felt in hindsight. When Al backed off, verbally, Johnny felt a ting of relief for a second there. And then everything came to ruins again when Al pulled out a gun.

So that was the cat. The cat that pulled out a gun and now threatened Johnny over water. Because things weren't going well enough, he'd now not only risk his life being shot to pieces by Al, but also would lose his water. And he couldn't afford that.

Johnny knew he wasn't the fittest in this thing, but he knew that water was important. And despite all aches and what-have-you, he would know that he couldn't depart with his water.

What he didn't know, however, was how good of a shot Al was. Could he shot Johnny, in the dark, in that distance, and with the boy running as fast as he could?

"How much?"
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