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It started! Holy shit! That wonderful noise filled the air as her heart felt like it jumped several beats. She finally did it! After days of trying to go here, of losing friends and seeing the handiwork of the top killers, this has been the best thing to happen to her since she found Mel and Aiden. And speaking of Mel, she had run off after Alvaro, a dumb decision if only for the lack of anything she took with her. Should she take it with them? Try and find her and give it back or just leave it here as she might run back after realising neither of them were with her?

...Finding her were their priority right now, and if Alvaro had done anything to her. Well, then they’ll make it go right this time.

It was then she noticed Aiden staring at the car, looking numb with the shotgun in his hand as he asked her a question. Take it for a drive or find them? The answer was obvious to her.

Why not both?

Now, which one of these goes forward? This one right? She thought as she stepped on the right pedal, which to her surprise, made the jeep go backwards off the platform. The sudden speed and fall made her jerk her forehead into the wheel as the jeep went into a sudden stop as it hit the ground.

Rubbing her forehead, looking out the window with a sheepish smile at Aiden, the only words that came forth were. “I meant to do that.”

((Serena Waters continued in Electric Dreams))
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