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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Nadia Riva continued from Lay My Purple on the Grass))

Nadia sighed. Here she was again. The bridge. The terrorists finally cleared the area, allowing Nadia to cross its great expanse once again. She closed her eyes and let out another sigh. Bridgette was still nearby, but she was doing her best to ignore the body. She could put a hand over the side of her face that may catch a glimpse of the former person, but the sight of the blood-drenched Caedyn stumbling out was still on her mind.

Nadia shook her head. That wasn't the point of any of this. She had a reason for going back across the bridge. There wasn't a deep reason, but one that was comfortable enough for her: she was sick of the asylum.

After leaving the roof, she sealed herself in a ward and had to contend with the creepy sounds of the asylum. She tried her best to ignore the echoing of people walking in the halls, the dripping of the pipes, the stench of mold and decay everywhere, but by morning, she had her fill. She would rather be outdoors or in a less nightmarish location than spend another minute there. The asylum was a snake pit, and she was getting out.

So where to go? The cliffs were pretty decent. Sure, she may run into Rea's rotting corpse or find some other new bodies there, but it was a much more comforting location than the asylum. Nadia had gone six days lying low, so maybe she could pass a few more over there. It sure as hell beat being in a place everyone would flock to.

Plus, it was still early in the day, and not many other people may be heading for the bridge. She had the chance to cross it unencumbered. She sighed again, pulled her bag over her shoulders, tightened her grip on the chair leg, and began to walk. Just a few minutes, and she'd be in her natural sanctuary.
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