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Al was prepared to go forward, bent forward, almost lost his balance which would have resulted him sprinting forward to slash at Johnny. But Johnny told him to stay where he was. So he straightened his back to let go off his posture that indicated that he was going to sprint.

The word that came out of Alessio's mouth was not loud, but were audible because of the gym hall echoing it slightly.


He knew the answer. Johnny was afraid. Johnny didn't want to be killed. But he had to die, like everyone else.

But perhaps there was a different answer of him. Alessio wanted to hear the answer out of Johnny's mouth. An answer that would not lead to Alessio engaging in a dangerous fight with a big person that might overwhelm him. Alessio wanted to hear an answer like that Johnny wants to be his friend and doesn't want to fight. Or threaten him and reveal what his weapon was, so Al was more certain whether he actually wanted to fight with a sword against whatever weapon he has.

An imagine of Johnny has to be constructed. No, who island!Johnny in comparision to kingman!Johnny was, is non-important. But information about how dangerous or how useful Johnny is must be gathered.

He observed Johnny's moves. No, he just stared at his mouth.
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