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"Hmph. Whatever, see you inside."

To say that Isabel was at all surprised by Lily's sass at this point would be patently untrue, but unlike the other sass which actually got on Isabel's nerves, a simple shut up was the kind of reaction that Isabel enjoyed getting. Putting her targets in a state where they have no clever retorts and can only tell her to shut up was practically what she lived for before the kidnappings.

Isabel rounded the corner to where the door into the art therapy room was and pressed it open, immediately noting the intense smell of rot filling the air, turning it rancid. She closed her eyes and gagged, before opening them back up and noticing that Cass Prince was sitting extremely still on the floor right next to her.

She sighed, pinching her nose with her fingers in frustration. She wasn't in the mood for yet another fight or yet another confrontation. It was fun to hear her victims cry out in pain as she killed them, but it was also incredibly tiring, and Isabel was already tired enough. She looked at Cass again, the fear in the other girl's eyes evident enough that she could possibly tolerate being in the same vicinity as her.

Isabel sighed again, releasing the hold she had on her nose and once again noting the smell before she spoke.

"So... sup, Cass?"
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