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"Oh, name's Lili," she said, zipping up her bag. Her lips parted to answer the other girl's second question, but she closed them in a tight lipped smile soon after. She wasn't quite sure how she felt about partying up with a bunch of people, especially if that group was bent on pacifism. Sure, Lili hadn't hurt anyone, nor did she have any explicit plans to, but she had reservations about being super open like the library group had been earlier. Even if she didn't have a big, strong weapon, she'd defend herself if threatened.

And yet still, she felt like she was going stir crazy. The new energy in her system had brought her feet back down to the ground, given her a few moments of lucidity. She'd spent a day chasing after a seagull, for Christ's sake. Maybe she wasn't well enough to be left to her own devices. She turned toward her new friend to speak her mind.


However, there was something new going on, something more immediate and more dearly concerning. A bookshelf had fallen nearby, and fire was jumping from book to book, incinerating all it came in contact with. Lili's vision rippled with heat lines as she looked toward the orange glow, and she instinctively grabbed her bags and ran back against the wall, pressing her back against it hard enough to scrape her shoulders.

The fire came between her and the exit, blocking their path to the others as well. Lili aimed a glance over toward the other girl. She had her shotgun out, attempting to break a window for a daring escape. Lili smiled, happy that she was in good company. If the two of them made it out of the building alive, she knew that this girl had a good enough head on her shoulders to stick around.

The girl took a few steps backward, stunned by the force of the window. Stronger than she thought it was, evidently. Stronger than it looked to Lili, too. Too tough to topple. The space where her body had been emptied, and a door easily within reach came into view just past where she'd been.

...so much for that good head on her shoulders thing. This girl's just as oblivious as me.

Lili ran over to the door, just behind her ditsy friend, the smoke making it harder to breath, reminding her of what she had struggled so hard to forget and leave behind. She tried not to breath, inhaling a big gulp of what she thought was clean air - the smoke didn't look like it had spread far - and ended up coughing her lungs out, smoke finding its way into her lungs. The other one shouted something - names? - and ran out the door. Lili followed close after, reaching out into the sunlight, survival the only thing on her mind.

Elsewhere, the empty shell of Natalie's bag went up in flames.

[Lili Williams continued elsewhere.]
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