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((Skipping with permission.))

"Ah! Hey! I uh..."

Penelope took a moment to breathe, calming her already exhausted body after that short jog towards her new acquaintance.

She recognized the new girl as one of the few senior girls that she had interacted with on occasion that wasn't one of her friends. If you had asked Penelope to pick the girl out of a crowd, she would have been able to do so, but she couldn't quite remember the girl's name. Names were never Penelope's strong suit, and it even took her a while before she regularly remembered the names of some of her closest friends.

One thing she did remember though was that the girl in front of her was mute. That wouldn't make communication between the two of them easy.

"So um... my name's Penelope, in case you didn't know or remember or whatever and um..." She searched for words as she stared at the gun in the girl's possession. "I just saw you over here alone and I thought that like... maybe you were lonely and you could use a friend and stuff and..." Penelope awkwardly pushed her index fingers together, her nervousness clear as day. "Well um... now that I'm up here next to you I recognized you and I know you can't talk so I guess just nod or shake your head or something and um..."

"Do you wanna just..." Penelope gestured towards Ben and Raina off a bit in the distance. "...come with me and go back to my friends? They don't bite!"
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