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((Lily Caldwell continued from The Virgin Sea.))

Lily sat on the floor, propped against the wall like a child’s doll, and just stared ahead for a bit.

Lily was tired in every way that someone could be tired. Even though she couldn’t close her eyes without seeing Lizzie bleeding, as if someone had carved it on the inside of her eyelids. All she wanted was to just lie down and pass out.

But of course, Isabel wouldn’t leave her be for one moment. She was already talking—talking AGAIN—about how she was sorry, like earlier that day she hadn’t been loudly declaring how fun murdering Tina was, and about how easy killing was. And pretending like she wasn’t the bad guy, when the words ‘Isabel is an abomination’ might as well have been written on the moon, they were so obvious.

So maybe Lily should have been afraid. Afraid enough to just go with it, like she had been with Lizzie—oh god, Lizzie, how could Lily have done that, but it still wasn’t her fault, it was Isabel, all Isabel—but she was just so tired. So she just turned to Isabel, staring at her with bitter rage.

“Isabel. Shut up. Just shut the fuck up.” These words were said with no heat. Exhaustion was evident in every word. But all she wanted right now was for Isabel to stop. Fucking. Talking. Right now, she would take cutting her own throat over Isabel saying one more word.
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