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Alessio waited for a reaction of the boy, but no reaction came.

Al was not the one starting the conversation, though, either. There was nothing he could say. He was prepared what to say if Johnny spoke to him. Asked him why he had killed, asked him what his reasons were. Al would've changed topics. If Johnny would threaten him, he would not take it personally. He was prepared to strike once Johnny attacked him.

But he wasn't prepared to look at Johnny's wound. Johnny's hand. What could've happened if it hit someone else? What would have happened if that hit Vanessa? If it hit her beautiful face?

What was he going to do now? Was there an emotion in him right now that made him angry, made him move, made hit Johnny with his sword, like Michael. No. He couldn't bring himself to just slam the blade into a guy he wasn't sure of what they had experienced. What if Johnny had bad luck, no allies and Alessio was the first person he'd meet? And then he would kill him? That didn't seem...right? Wrong?

But was there a thing inside that made him open his mouth to speak with Johnny? No. There was nothing that made him do anything. Johnny was not a person he ever thought about being on the island. He couldn't recall him being on the trip.

He had no clue about Johnny, what he had experienced, what he had done. The Johnny in front of him was the big guy he knew from school that was intimidating, but on the other hand felt like someone who would not be a bad person, but a person with a good heart. But this time he was hurt, and one could see that he was not the same one from school. Was more messed up, like everybody.

He took a step forward. But just a step. Not more. A short one. A step that didn't make it clear whether he would do a second one as well.

Alessio imagined running at him and hitting his sword against his neck. He imagined he would be too slow to even arrive there before Johnny ran away. He imagine that a hard hit of him would not even harm the blonde boy. It was the big Johnny after all. Invincible. All the confidence Al had when he had stood against people weaker then him, Henry, Cameron, Maria, Astrid (a half-blind girl, goddammit), suddenly went away as he thought about how things went bad for him when he faced against the big guys, the bullies, Michael, throwing him down the tower, strong Vanessa, tearing him apart.

He didn't feel like he man'd up enough in this trip. He was strong. Stronger than others. But not the strongest.

He eyed Johnny intensely after the one step he took. How would he react? Will he move forward or keep moving back? How quick will he move?
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