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((Kimiko Kao continued from 不安心))

It had been a long walk to get to the cliffs. The bridge being a danger zone had meant Kimiko needed to walk around the whole island. It had been a long trip but in the end she preferred it to hiding out in the asylum. There tended to only be one way in and out of every room in that dark and claustrophobic building. It was safer to be out in the open. It would be next to impossible for an attacker to trap her if she was out in the open and they were alone. Add to that the gun she now had, which was currently sitting in her pocket, and it was hard for anyone to attack her and be successful.

So she had almost traveled across the whole island. Staying in cover and away from any noises, keeping herself out of sight. She deliberately took her time and moved slowly and quietly. All this effort to go the cliffs, for what particular reason she wasn't sure. To see the full splendor of a horizon again? Maybe. Equally it could have just been a whim that she was following because her plan just relied on reaching the end now. She had a gun after all.

The image of Nancy pulling the trigger and nothing happening kept replaying in her mind. If things had been slightly different she would have been lying in the asylums library with the other girl. But in the end something had been watching over her then. Kimiko's fingers idly played with her wooden freedom bracelet as she walked. Maybe in a way it was something telling her she had done the right thing killing Nancy. But she still struggled to believe that, as much as she wanted too.

Taoism taught pacifism, wu-wei and zìrán but Kimiko had followed none of those teaching since she had woken up. Yet she had been rewarded...she didn't know how she really felt about it.

A yell caught Kimiko's attention. She stopped as her hand went for the gun, holding the grip, but it slowly slid off when it became clear the person wasn't an active threat. That always had the potential to change though.

Still it could have been an ambush.

Kimiko stood and waited, hand resting on the gun as the person got closer, eventually Kimiko recognized them as Penelope Fitzgerald. She was from the year below, she had been friendly enough whenever they had ended up interacting. If Kimiko remembered correctly Penelope was a pacifist. That knowledge didn't make her relax.

After all she had been a pacifist once.
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