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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Fuck going back there," Jerry grumbled. "Too cramped n' creepy. I feel like when I'm in that fuggin' place, there's somebody gonna jump around any corner, scream boo and shank my ass." He turned, unintentionally shining the flashlight into Matt's face before dropping the beam of light closer to his feet. "And you know we got some fucked up classmates enough to try it, huh?"

He turned his attention back to the shelves. "Booooy howdy, none of this crap's worth a damn to us," he said again, some lament in his voice. Mostly boredom, though. Even the whole 'everybody around him is dying' thing was starting to bore Jerry; seeing a dead body sure is shocking the first time, killing somebody is the same way. But now both of them just seemed like regular occurrences. 'Yep, this is a Tuesday, boy howdy I sure do enjoy killing', it seemed like.

"I tell ya, Matt... you ever wonder if you're like... on a different wavelength from everybody else?"
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