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Johnny let out a small yelp of pain, shock and frustration. Right there, on his right hand, was a dumbbell pinning it down to the ground. He could feel himself bleeding, and the back of his hand felt more than just sore.

He inspected the weight for a moment. He attempted to roll it off with a motion of his wrist, but that just was hurting. He reached for it with his other hand, and let out another grunt as he placed it aside.

It was then, when he had risen from the ground, that Johnny saw that Alessio stood in the room. Alessio, and a sword in his hand. Johnny could've sworn there was blood on the blade.

Johnny regretted his decision to leave the warehouse. But more than regret, he felt dread.

He took a step backwards, fixating his eyes on Alessio's edge. His heart pulsated, and so did his hand.

When he tried to say something, nothing came.
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