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What would she do?

That was a good question. She thought about killing Iz. Hurting her, making her regret hurting Asha (and the other people she's killed too by doing it). She knew she would tase her for sure. She had a non-lethal weapon, it was the whole point of a taser: hurt someone enough to give you time to run away. It was self-defense but Dorothy wanted to use it as an offensive weapon: to hunt down the girl, hurt her but how would she kill her?

She didn't know. Maybe her heart would stop or maybe she could drop a rock on her twitching head. She wasn't sure.

"I-I didn't think the 'how' yet but I know the 'why'!

I saw her when I woke up like on the second day. I saw her look at me as if I was a bug she could just squash.

She didn't kill me though but I'm sure she wanted to. I'm sure she got off killing especially after seeing her disappointment when it was announced it was Kikimo or something that won."

She took a breather.

"Like I don't even hate Mikimo or whatever, she killed her boyfriend or something! It must have been an accident or he attacked her or something. You don't just kill someone you love like that!

I saw Nancy too, she was scared. Shaking and shivering and just... absent. You know, she was hollow, I tried to comfort her but she looked so scared and she was covered in blood. It looked like she went to hell and crawled back!

Isabel though. I'm sure she's getting off on it. I'm sure it's her high, she loves it, I'm sure! I hate her for that, I want to see her suffer, I hate her so much especially after what she has done to Asha.

She stabbed her! Not once but several times! Asha got her good too, and now she's weak. It's now the best time to get her and to kill her. I want her dead, that's all."

She took a pause, biting her lips then looking at Lucilly.

"Asha always said she wasn't evil and I kinda believed her. But no, my eyes are now opened and I see that Iz is a monster and I want her head and make sure she cannot hurt anyone else."

Dot looked down. She wanted to feel shame or some kind of remorse, but she couldn't. Isabel had it coming, she deserves to get mouthed off.

"I'm sorry, I'm just done with her doing her things."
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