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[[Johnny Ray McKay, continued from Demons Dance Alone]]

It really didn't take that long for Johnny to regret his plan. The island was a big place, and Raina could be everywhere. Maybe Raina already returned to the warehouse, just missing Johnny. She'd look for him there, and then she wouldn't find him. Maybe she'd be disappointed in him. Maybe he should have stayed. And just waited for her. Just as she had asked him to do.

He felt bad about it, and considered going back to the warehouse.

He didn't. At least for the moment. The place before him had to be the gym. There were some corpses hidden around, some of them just out of sight. Out of sight, and enough of it to be out of Johnny's mind.

The door of the gym itself was open. Not left ajar, but whoever occupied this place last forgot to close the thing properly. Or maybe the door was simply unhinged. It would make a bad shelter, having a bad door inviting the weather in, but Johnny was still choosing to enter it.

He placed the hand on the door. He moved it, and he could hear something move with it. It barely registered in his mind, but by the time it did, it was too late.

Something smashed his hand down. And with it, so fell Johnny.
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