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Lucilly was of sound mind, after all, and even she knew that the vocabulary she used was strangely different from what her peers used. It was what it was, and that was fine. She had little consideration for how other people spoke, though even she had to admit in silence that some of the things said by her classmates were extraordinarily wrong and rude. Regardless of that fact, she was aware of how people spoke and she was aware of the fact that sometimes people used words that did not make sense to Lucilly. Words that appeared harsh and grotesque, but were euphemisms - or perhaps whatever the opposite of an euphemism was - were actually masking a more harmless action.

So when Dorothy said she wanted to kill Isabel, Lucilly knew from the bottom of her heart that it was actually not a literal intent to murder Dorothy expressed. More something along the lines of a mean-spirited prank or something similar. A reaction, as far as Lucilly gathered, to Isabel 'killing' Asha somewhere in the past.

Lucilly was not a friend of revenge, and she was even less of a friend to the words Dorothy used.

"True, Isabel can be difficult, but to curse her like this is a bit inappropriate."

Lucilly flashed a cute little smile and shrugged her shoulders. She was no friend of revenge, but she was a friend to helping and it would cost nothing to ask for details.

"So, what is it that you are planning to do to her?"
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