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Penelope nodded along to what Ben was saying, her eyes affixed to a vague shape in the distance.

"Y-yeah," she began, absentmindedly. "I'd take Kingman over this any day."

The vague shape grew closer to the group, taking form as a person that Penelope couldn't quite recognize from this distance.

She stood back up to try to get a better view, ignoring her aching legs. A new person could easily wind up being a new friend with just a few kind words and a hug, and every new friend brought her plan one step closer to completion. Unfortunately, a new person could also be easily scared off if she didn't act quickly to establish friendly relations. "Hey uh... guys I'm... I'm going to see who that is. W-wait here, if you don't mind."

Despite her exhausted leg muscles protesting against her movements, Penelope stood up and began jogging slowly towards the new arrival, waving her hand in the air as a demonstration of peace.

"Hey!" She shouted, while quickening her pace. "Wait up!"
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