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((Matt Moradi continued from Wombo Combo.))

Having a gun made Matt feel powerful, even if it was technically worthless owing to the fact that it was empty. Just point it at someone and they'd be liable to listen to you, he figured - just like in that basement. Only two days ago but it seemed like an eternity. The warehouse reminded him of the closet, somewhat, only a lot larger. Nate and Ben weren't dead yet, against all odds, and he really was rooting for them, even though that technically meant he was rooting against himself. He didn't want to think about what he might have to do if someone else didn't get them first.

The warehouse had that familiar smell. A corpse, of course. Might've been dead for a few days by now, he couldn't entirely tell based on smell. Jerry was whining about how all his bullshit hurt and Matt didn't entirely care. Apparently the warehouse had a ton of soap in it.

"Yeah, this place sucks." Matt mumbled, following behind Jerry deeper into the warehouse. "This whole island can fuckin' blow me," he said, louder. "Think Cass is dead by now?" A question asked not out of malice, more out of genuine curiosity. A dozen different things could've happened to her. He hoped she was dead, at the very least. One less person to deal with.

"Fucking warehouse. The asylum has this storage closet. No dead people in it as far as I can fuckin' remember." Maybe Henry crawled in there to die. He didn't think it was likely, though.
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