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((Coleen Reagan continued from The Virgin Sea))

She hadn't even left the shore when yet another scream pounded against the roaring ocean. Yet, this one was so different from the one before it. There was less physical pain attached to the cry and more emotional anguish. She figured it must have been somebody who found a body; Coleen recalled spotting one or two of those caught near the ocean spray, but dared not venture closer for identification. She had better things to do.

So she surprised herself when she turned and began clamoring over the rocks once more. What she expected, she wasn't too sure. Maybe she didn't expect anything but even having said that, she was quite surprised to see that the person dropped to his knees on the beach was the very distinguishable Tyler Yazzie, always standing out in a crowd from his haircut or piercings or tattoos. Coleen was more interested in a persistent rumor that he was into flower arrangements, an out-of-left-field for such a tough-looking guy that it might have given something for the two of them to talk about.

Now? What was there to talk about now but the cause for his dismay. She was sure that, whatever it was, she'd be unable to help. Nevertheless, Coleen found herself approaching the boy, one hand on the strap of her daypack to help her as she trudged along and the other held the rifle pointed down at the sand as if its weight threatened to yank it loose from her hold.

"You, um... gon... gonna be okay there?" Coleen asked timidly, making sure to get Ty's attention before getting too close. Didn't want to surprise him, after all.
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