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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Was Audrey lying? No, she was not.

Was Audrey genuine? That was debatable.

Shock, and any resulting the temporary lapse of judgement, had nothing to do with it. Alvaro was dying, dead, he was dead. She recognized that, knew it when she checked the boy's pulse. But had it been her bleeding out on the floor, she would have wanted someone by her side too. Alvaro used to be a friend. She wanted to remember him as such.

The girl was staring at her. She could feel her eyes staring into her. Audrey did not pay Scout Pfeiffer any mind. She swiped the remnants of tears from her eyes, groaning as she realized that she was sitting in a pool of Alvaro's blood. There was no queasiness, no revulsion, and that struck her as strange. Disturbing, even.

Scout spoke up in that gruff voice of hers."You should have moved. I could have shot you."

Audrey finally met Scout's gaze. She didn't laugh, but there was a sick little smirk on her lips.

"Yeah, and? How the heck does that matter to you, Scout?"

The ginger girl straightened her shoulders. A note of surprised crossed brows but it passed. Was Scout expecting a thank you? Did she think she was some hero? Because she was far from that, Audrey could assure her. Scout didn't meet Audrey's gaze, like she was refusing to look at her. Audrey wanted to interpret that lack of eye-contact as guilt but she knew better. Scout was kind of a bitch. Well, she was a bitch in school, anyway. Audrey did not like having to deal with her.

"I thought I recognized you," Scout's voice wavered."You're in Dukoff's class, right?"

Audrey gave a stiff nod of her head. 'Yeah, Scout. You sit next to me in history class. You can't be this dumb.' Audrey held her tongue. Getting up to her feet, Audrey fumbled for her dufflebag, hoping to at least dab her skirt with something. There was a feeling in Audrey's chest that told her that Scout was going to try to start a conversation. The pregnant, awkward pause Scout gave was evidence enough. Audrey could remember that pause; when she was a socially awkward kid who could barely carry a conversation. It made her cringe. Made her even more pissed.

Scout went to speak and Audrey interrupted her.

"DON'T," Audrey raised her voice, "talk to me. Leave me alone."

"... Why?"

"Why? You just killed someone right in front of me! You killed one of my friends!"

"... But he was trying to kill you?"

Audrey went to respond and - stopped. She just. Scout didn't get it. Audrey was furious, she was sad and she did not want to explain it, she just wanted to wallow in her misery, alone. It was ironic, then, that she spent the past day not seeing a single soul but the ONE time she wanted to be alone...

It was her turn to avoid looking Scout in the eye, though that had more to do with the corpse on the floor directly in front of the ginger than the ginger herself. Audrey mumbled an apology. She appreciated what Scout did, and she was glad she got there when she did.

That did not mean Audrey had to kowtow. Worship the ground Scout stood on.

That did not mean Audrey had to be happy about it. Glad to watch another person die right in front of her. Relieved that Audrey herself wasn't caught in the crosshairs.

Scout stopped talking. Good. Audrey didn't feel like talking to anyone, least of all to Alvaro's killer.
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