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Dorothy blew hot air in her cheeks, making them change sizes at her will. One second, they were the same size, the other, the left one became bigger than right one, then vice-versa. She made an o-shape with her lips, letting the accumulated stagnant CO2 leave her body. If she could whistle, she'd be doing it right now.

''I'm asking 'cause I don't have one myself other than like...''

She bit her lips and wrapped her arms around her body. Would revealing her plan be smart? Especially to someone she didn't really know that well that could be her friend?

''I, um...''

She was uncomfortable and it was showing it in her face and gestures. As if she was wearing a winter coat on a really hot summer day, she felt warmth crawling around her neck and face. Quickly, she started feeling like dots on the tip of her fingers. She was about to say something horrible but it had to come out.

''I want to kill Iz slash Isabel slash Isabel Ramirez slash,''

Her voice dropped, she stared intently at her taser, the words escaped in-between her teeth,

''That bitch who killed Asha.''

She quickly look away and waving her hands and turned her head back to the girl.

''I'm sorry I don't say things like that usually but she's getting on my nerves.''
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