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The gun was raised and Nancy pulled the trigger. Kimiko closed her eyes and waited for the pain that would signal the end of her life. But it never came, she was still alive and the gun hadn't gone off. Kimiko slowly opened her eyes and was greeted by Nancy's cold, lifeless ones staring back at her, gun still gripped in her hand. Kimiko flopped back onto the floor, a smile forming on her face as she realised just her lucky she had been.

Hell could wait for another day.

She allowed herself a couple of minutes to just lie there as her heart rate slowed and the adrenaline left her body. Eventually Kimiko picked herself up, the smile gone, replaced by a look of determination. The library was completely silent. That was good. It meant no one else was around. She had time to make sure everything was done properly. Moving forward she crouched down and pried the gun out of Nancy's hand. It was surprisingly heavy in her hands. It surprised her considering how easily they were carried about in movies. Then again, movies were fake so she supposed she shouldn't have been surprised.

Kimiko turned the gun over in her hand and carefully took in every detail. It took a while but she managed to drop the magazine out onto the floor. After picking it up she found it was empty, which explained why Nancy had been unable to shoot her. Kimiko made a note to try and keep track of how many bullets were left. Stepping past Nancy, Kimiko grabbed the bag that used to belong to the girl and start rummaging around in it. The food and water was something she would move into her pack later, her main interest was bullets. She found what she was looking for eventually.

It had taken Kimiko a while but she felt comfortable with the gun. After a couple of mock firings, she had loaded it and was taking aim at a book she had balanced on a desk. She steadied her breathing and held the gun tight, then pulled the trigger. The recoil kicked the gun back in her hand and made her shoulder wound begin to burn straight away and the noise from the shot rang in her ears. When she looked at where the book had been she found papers floating to the floor instead.

She looked at the gun in her hand and nearly gagged. She knew what a gun was for and what it represented, but just like the nodachi and tantō she was planning to use it anyway. She swallowed the bile that was rising in her throat. She needed to keep moving forward. She took one last look back at Nancy's body. If she wanted to be generous and try to justify her actions she could have claimed that she killed Nancy to make sure that she didn't take any more lives. That it was necessary. But that wasn't entirely true.

The full truth was Nancy had a gun.

That had been her primary motivator.

The rest just helped her feel better.

((Kimiko Kao continued in Haemolacria))
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