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((Ty Yazzie continued From Lay My Purple On The Grass))

His first thought was to search the depot for her. It was the only lead he had, the last place he was sure he'd seen her before charging off. Everything after that was suspect, he just couldn't fucking remember through that red haze, but here? He knew she was here at some point. If he was lucky, she still would be.

Ty didn't get lucky. This place just kept rubbing that in his face every chance he got. There were no signs of her anywhere, near as he could tell, and that anger was building up again. It turned inwards this time, kicking and biting and scratching at every failure it could get its hands on. He'd fucked up. He'd really, really fucked up. He shoulda known she was off the deep end with the way she kept staring at the waves and clamming up, but he'd only thought about himself. If Bee was here, she'd...

But she wasn't. She wasn't, and Harry wasn't, and Clarice wasn't, and now Lizzie wasn't, and he wouldn't be surprised to turn around and find that Keith wasn't either. Everybody, goddamn everybody, that he touched only managed to get driven away or get fucked up. Probably both in the end. There was some small voice in the back of his head urging him to calm down and try to salvage this. There was still time. Somebody could be help.

Ty didn't have an ounce of that kinda charity left in him. He was far out now among the outcroppings and into the soft sand. Against his will he started to sink down to his knees on it. His head lolled up to stare at the sky with that all too familiar feeling of long denied tears welling up inside him.

But Ty didn't cry. Instead he poured everything into a roaring, broken scream.
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