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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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She watched, wordlessly, until Lizzie had almost completely disappeared into the waves.

Though it crossed her mind, no attempt was made to stop her. How could she? Lizzie wished to die on her own terms, taking what little freedom was afforded to her. Coleen hoped that, whatever happened behind that dark veil called death, Lizzie had found what she was looking for away from here. The only solace, she figured, was that Lizzie wasn't in pain anymore.

Oh, how she hoped that was true, but pain didn't just come from bleeding wounds. There was a deeper, lasting trauma in her words as she spoke. The speech of the dying in theatre did no justice to the genuine article; it was often peaceful and resigned, serene for an audience, tending to add to the tragedy of the scene. Even many of the greatest actors alive would be put to shame by Lizzie's agony.

Coleen had turned away from the beach and picked up her things. Lizzie was out there in the ocean, dying alone as she intended. A ghostly girl walked along the very same shore on her first day with the wind to her back. Maybe she could understand how Lizzie thought, maybe she could feel the way she felt before she took matters into her own hands.

But this is where they parted ways.

Coleen brushed the tears away from her eyes with her sleeve that became increasingly dirty and stained over all the days that she wore it and pressed on.

((Coleen Reagan continued in With Blood and Rage of Crimson Red...))
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