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((Isabel Ramirez continued from The Virgin Sea))

Isabel sighed, her joints aching and her wounds crying out in pain.

They had run for quite a while, only slowing down to a jog once they had gotten a significant distant from the shoreline, and only slowing down to a walking pace once they could see the asylum in the distance.

Exhausted, the two of them had entered the asylum and searched for a place to rest for a while. Enough time had passed between Asha's death and the present moment that Isabel wasn't worried about running into Asha's potentially murderous companions now that they had returned to the area.

Lily had been silent as usual, but Isabel hadn't actually bothered to start a conversation with her, partly due to her own exhaustion and partly because Lily could barely stand once they stopped running.

But now the two of them were relatively well, no longer breathing heavily and, in Lily's case, struggling to take another step. The two of them were in a relatively safe place once again, and Isabel could interrogate her friend over why she lied.

"So..." Isabel began, in her usual awkward manner of starting conversations with Lily. "About what Eliza said... I didn't realize you were a part of the Luz family..."

She let her words sink in for a bit, enjoying the potential fear that Lily would no doubt be experiencing.

"So I suppose that explains why you wanted to kill me so badly..." Isabel paused, considering exactly what she wanted to say. "It makes sense in hindsight, I guess. And if it makes you feel better, I'm sorry that Tina's death hurt you so much."

Isabel shrugged, her voice growing artificially melancholy. "But that's just the way this place is. Kill or be killed and all that. If you had wound up killing some of my friends, for instance, I wouldn't have had any hard feelings towards you. Heck, I've killed a few of my friends myself."

She coughed into her fist, her throat's ragged state catching up to her. "It's... it's really awful what this game does to people huh?" She began again, as they approached the entrance to the art therapy room. "Important to remember that the people who put us here are the bad guys, not any of us."
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