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((Ben Fields continued from Hemochromatosis))

His brain was a tricky and treacherous little shit. Put him up against all kinds of thoughts and not a one mattered one bit. Shit like 'what sort of path these two were leading all of us down' or 'what sort of judgments were being passed on that short dude on the viewers screen' or 'what stupid shit was Lana doing while waiting for him to come home like she always did because he always did but not this time no sir'...

None of it mattered, he had to remind himself.

All that mattered was the blunt projectile he continued to cradle in one cramping hand. His gift from the earth, his gift and offering to his allies. Allies. Officers. Commanders. Something along those lines, because he definitely wasn't so sure about the word friends. He tossed the rock up into the air, idly. Was almost too slow to catch it when gravity returned it to his ungrateful ass.

"We've had a bit of a walk." Not an especially effective way of voicing his agreement, but too late he'd already said it, so on. He wondered how Raina and Penelope were holding up. They were both prettier than the duct taped tinder-stick hunk of meat he called his mortal vessel, sure. But he hardly recalled seeing either of them around the dugouts or courts of Cochise. Neither of them were looking so vital. To say nothing of the smell.

As in, to thoroughly say nothing.

"Nice view. Guess this is one thing we never had much of back home." Ben didn't even get to admire the view all that much. Once in a lifetime sight, but the remainder of his particular lifetime had to be dedicated to vigilance. Eyes over the shoulder, not on the sea. His fingers looped around and through a section of the fence chain, fragile and dry skin chafing and peeling until he almost bled. "We also didn't have too much in the way of underage guns and deaths in old Kingman. Trade off, I suppose."

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