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Nate laughed with Enzo, an awkward uncomfortable laugh. It matched the mood of the whole situation.

“How am I holding up?” he parroted, as if the question wasn’t understood. He laughed again, tilted his head up and looked at the coloured glass, gripping his knees tighter.

“I really don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, you know? At first I was just crying all the time and hiding out with people, and I guess that was stupid but I wasn't dying or anything, so I thought it would work. I didn’t really know what else to do, and I knew so many of the people who were dying that I guess I just couldn't really think.”

He tilted his head back down again, resting his chin on his legs. He didn’t really want to look at Enzo, but he hoped they were still listening. It was easier to talk to them than Asuka.

“Then I met Henry Spencer, and I invited him to hang out with us, cause someone stole all of his stuff. But then the next day, he ran off and stole mine.” And then he died after a lot of cursing from Nate. That part didn’t need to be mentioned, he decided.

“And then I found Alvaro, and it was good cause he’s my friend and all, but I knew what he’d been doing. I thought maybe I could talk him down, like convince him to chill out, y’know? But then he just tried to shoot me, and I ran away and left my friends with him.”

His forehead was pressed into his legs by then, but he wasn’t shaking or crying. He’d gone over the story in his head enough times to stop being so bothered by his failings. There was only so much guilt he could inflict on himself.

"And after that I just kind of wandered around with Asuka," he didn't know her last name, he realised. "until I ran away from her, too. I don't really know why I did, but I think she was ok. Hope so." There wasn't as much concern in his words as there would've been a few days ago; that reservoir was running dry too.

“Sorry for spilling like that, but yeah. Hasn’t been great.”

He let out a long sigh.
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