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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"I... okay."

Coleen left her gun where it was for the moment. There was nobody around to take it but Lizzie. All the rifle knew how to do was to kill, and there was nobody to kill, not anymore. She held tight to Lizzie's hand, scooping the other hand down to try and support the back of her shoulder. Lizzie was not necessarily heavy but she was weakened, hardly able to sit up, let alone stand, and Coleen never thought much of her own strength.

She thought of the two names Lizzie croaked out. She said one with more... more pain than the other one. Lily... did she know a Lily? Was it Lili Wiliams, or Lily Caldwell? Caldwell was one of the Luz family, making her... like her step-sister or her cousin or something. Coleen was an outsider looking in and never once attempted to understand that family tree when she had a large enough family of her own to help take care of. Both of the girls were Juniors as well, so she didn't know much about them aside from Williams' musical talent and Caldwell's relation.

Didn't really matter now. She'd get her answer to that question when the next announcements played, telling of Lizzie's murder. Probably right around the time it spoke of Arthur's.

"I think we got you... can you stand?" Coleen asked, her arms still supporting much of Lizzie's weight. "Here, I won't let go until..."
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